Fancy a giggle? Here's Elon Musk's Starship logo

SpaceX's planned Starship test flight failed to get off the ground today (Monday 17 April) due to a pressure problem. That means that until its next attempt to launch the largest, most powerful rocket yet built, all we have is the mission's logo to pore over... but what a design it is.

The company's CEO Elon Musk is known to be a big fan of logo. But while fans are saying they want to get their hands on T-shirts, patches and even NFTs based on the new design, others are rather amused. Suffice it to say, this won't be making it to our pick of the best logos.

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Musk has previously revealed how proud he is of the "hidden meaning" in the main SpaceX logo (while also attempting to dismiss suggestions about a comical hidden meaning in the Tesla logo. More recently, he's forced his unique brand of humour on all of Twitter by replacing the platform's famous bird logo with the Doge logo.

But SpaceX's Starship test flight logo doesn't seem to have anything nearly so deep going on. It's presumably meant to show a rocket blasting off, which couldn't be more simple. But while some are celebrating the watershed moment by creating AI-generated images of Musk as an astronaut, others are dissecting the design. Which direction is the rocket moving? And is it really a rocket or just an expensive pen?

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"Rocket flare looks like a pencil, give it real rocket fire," one person tweeted (opens in new tab) in response. "Why aren't the flames purple/blue? Should we be worried? someone else wanted to know. Others suggest the design shows a space suppository.

Twitter's also come up with some interesting alternatives to replace the lucky four-leafed clover in light of today's aborted launch. A pressure valve froze on the massive Super Heavy booster. Another attempt is expected in a few days, so we'll see if Musk takes any of the suggestions on board.

The response reminds us of the fun people had with SpaceX's wonky NASA logo. Fancy making your own Spaceship logo to improve on the design? Of course, you do. See the best current prices on Adobe's Creative Cloud suite below to get kitted up for the mission.

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