SIHOO M57 Office Chair review: great ergonomics but basic quality

The SIHOO M57 Office Chair ticks some boxes, but which ones?

SIHOO M57 chair review
(Image: © Future)

Our Verdict

If you want support at a mid-range price, this is the chair for you. While not flashy or cloud-like, it does ergonomics well, with oodles of adjustability but a compromise on build quality.


  • Super-supportive
  • Breathable
  • Lots of adjustability


  • Low/medium build quality
  • Best for shorter people
  • No cushioning

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When I embarked on this SIHOO M57 Office chair review, I couldn't see how any chair could improve on my perfectly acceptable existing chair. No, I don't remember what the brand is but it said it was ergonomic and I was pretty okay with the experience. 

So, did the SIHOO M57's feature set convince me otherwise? The price point is reasonable, sure, but does it offer value for money or is it simply basic? In short, a bit of both. It may earn a place in our best office chair for back pain roundup, but it leaves a few boxes unticked as I've found out after sitting on it for a few weeks. Read on to find out (and check out our advice on how to choose an office chair).

SIHOO M57 Office Chair: Design and assembly

SIHOO M57 chair

(Image credit: Future)

The chair came in a giant box and needed assembling, which was a pretty simple task – and the fancy white gloves added a certain ceremony to the proceedings (I felt like a magician). It took around 25 minutes to assemble using the clear instructions and didn't create any drama. 

The result is a solid build, with (mostly) nicely moving parts. There is one lever, which moves to allow the chair to up and down or to tilt forwards and backwards. The lever works smoothly once you've got the hang of it, but it is a little fiddly. There are also armrests that move in and out, which work well, and the casters move smoothly across the floor.

Design-wise, it's pretty sleek, if a little basic. The mesh makes for a no-frills appearance, though it does have some patterning running across it to jazz things up a bit. The PU/PA/electroplated steel frame looks suitably mid-range and feels relatively sturdy, but a tad plastic-y. 

SIHOO M57 Office Chair: Features and comfort

SIHOO M57 chair

(Image credit: Future)

The SIHOO M57 is pretty comfortable, if a little bit sparse. There's no cushioning, it's mesh-only so while it feels super-supportive and keeps you cool, you don't feel as if you're sinking into a cloud. It's functional and keeps you upright in a comfy way – I suppose that's sort of perfect given it's a work chair, no-one wants to fall asleep on the job.

SIHOO M57 chair

(Image credit: Future)

The adjustability is spot on, though. I got myself into a feet-on-the-floor position I'd never achieved with my old chair, and I particularly appreciate the ability to move the armrests forwards and backwards – my wrists feel a lot happier than with my old set-up. The lumbar support is the star of the show as it has the luxurious touch of an added cushion to support your spine. 

It's pretty spacious, if I wanted to sit cross legged I could (I don't want to), and it seems to cater for a range of heights – but very tall people will struggle. I'm 5ft 5 and found the perfect setting, but my 6ft 2 companion felt he was on the upper ends of suitability. The headrest is a bit of a treat, it tilts forward enough to be of use without having to reach your head back too far. 

SIHOO M57 Office Chair: Price

This isn't a cheap chair, it's firmly in the mid-range bracket. Its ergonomic credentials are what brings it up into that mid-range, and the build/material quality keeps it there. With an RRP of around $229, you can pick it up on Amazon or other third party retailers for less (see below for the latest deals). 

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The Verdict

out of 10

Sihoo M57

If you want support at a mid-range price, this is the chair for you. While not flashy or cloud-like, it does ergonomics well, with oodles of adjustability but a compromise on build quality.

Georgia Coggan

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